Homebuyers often don’t think about ordering a home inspection on their newly built house since everything in the home is new. However, new construction may still have flaws. You can learn about building mistakes and material defects by getting a home inspection for new construction.

A Municipal Inspection Can’t Replace a Home Inspection for New Construction

A municipal building inspector evaluates your home for code compliance. Your home’s certificate of occupancy means it met the minimum standards for buildings in your area. Municipal building inspectors often have large caseloads and limited time to spend on each property. Hire your own private home inspector for a complete examination of your new home.

Even Good Builders Make Mistakes

Your builder’s excellent reputation doesn’t guarantee the company won’t make mistakes while constructing your home. With poor building practices or faulty materials, there is always the possibility of construction issues.

Furthermore, your builder subcontracts much of the work and subcontractors vary in quality of workmanship. Hidden defects or mistakes can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Resolve Problems Before Move-in with a Home Inspection for New Construction

When you get a home inspection for new construction, you can ask the builder to make any repairs before you move in. Problems discovered after you’ve moved are inconvenient to fix since the home is occupied.

You may have to take off work while the contractors are in your home and you may lose access to part of your home until the repairs are complete. You’ll also have to live with the noise and dust that comes with home repair.

Unaddressed Issues Can Have Serious Consequences

Skipping a new construction home inspection can have serious consequences for your bank account and for your property. Your home probably comes with a one-year warranty from the builder. Discovering a problem that the builder caused after the warranty expires means you are responsible for the repairs.

Unaddressed problems can damage your new home. For instance, if stormwater is not properly draining away from the home, it could lead to foundation damage, basement leaks, and mold growth. A new construction inspection may bring an issue like this to your attention.

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